One of my favorite hobbies every since middle school has been journaling. Being able to keep something so personal and unique has always appealed to me. I guess what I like about journaling the most is that I can write and draw whatever I like, and no one has to read it! Keeping a journal has definitely allowed me to get out frustration, anger, happiness, loneliness, etc. I know for most people it can be a challenge to start a journal so I thought I would share some tips on how to start you journaling journey!

First, find a journal!

download (3)

To start the journaling process you must of course find a journal. When looking for a journal seek a good quality one that will last you. I tend to look for journals that have interesting covers and pages that are blank. Some people prefer minimalistic covers and pages with lines. It’s all about your personal preference.

Pens, pens, and more pens

stabilo 68 Pens.jpg

You know how buying school supplies makes you feel more motivated, well this relates to journaling. Buying colorful pens can get your creative juices flowing and motivates you to write and draw in your journal. Get creative and make something awesome!

Just keep writing

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When I was a junior in high school my English teacher made us write in our notebooks for 10 minutes straight every day. Yes, you will get hand cramps, but this method helps you get better at your writing skills. Just write whatever you want! It doesn’t have to make sense. Just don’t put that pen down!

Save your memories


I love saving movie tickets, photos, notes in my journal. It’s nice just to keep a piece of those precious moments with you. When you’re old and wrinkly looking back in your journal you will be able to reminisce those moments. You can even write down your favorite quotes or lyrics at the time! When you look back on it you’ll really see how much you have changed!

Plan out your week


Journals don’t have to be strictly about writing down your thoughts and feelings. If you are needing some planning and organization in your life I suggest planning out your week in your journal! This keeps you motivated to check things off your to do list and to stay on track!

I hope you guys enjoyed my journaling tips! Journaling has helped me get through so much in my life! If you have any other journaling tips leave them in the comment section below! Have a great week guys and happy journaling!



6 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. Okay, you have no idea how relieved I feel knowing someone else collects memories. I am somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to sentimental value, but I will keep anything to remind myself how awesome that day was. I also journal my days down, and I love going through my old ones the next year!

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  2. I’ve tried journaling so many times (and have failed many times)! I don’t know if it’s because I’m too lazy, or I get too stressed out from school work. When I was journaling though, it definitely made me feel better to release my emotions. Maybe I’ll pick back up on journaling over the summer when I have more time. Great post!

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