Spring Essentials

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Monday (because mine was super rough)! Today marks the first day of spring, and since my last blog post was my winter favorites I thought I would share with you my spring favorites. Spring is not my favorite season, but I’m definitely ready for some warm weather! So, without further to do here are my spring essentials!

Rain Jacket 


Rain jackets are a must in the spring time! Spring showers pop up all over east Tennessee, and there is nothing worse than walking to class without a rain jacket or umbrella. So invest in a nice rain jacket to get you through the April showers!

Allergy Medicine

download (2)

This might not be an essential for some of you but it definitely is for me! The main reason why spring isn’t my favorite season is because it’s allergy season. With all of the trees and flowers blooming it can really hit me hard and leave me feeling miserable! Allegra is my savior so if you are struggling with allergies this spring hit up a CVS.



Is it really spring if you aren’t wearing Chacos? After an entire winter of hibernating in my dorm room I like to slip on my Chacos and head out on a hike! Enjoy the upcoming warm weather!



Spring time means longer days, so pull out your favorite pair of sunnies! Invest in a nice pair of sunglasses that will last you a while and that will go with any outfit! Also, buy a case to put them in! I always end up throwing my sunglasses in my bag and they get scratched up!

Those are all of my spring favorites for this post! If you have any spring favorites that you would like to share comment below! Thanks for checking out my post! Talk to you guys soon!



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