Sweet Summertime

After a long sophomore year here at ETSU, I can pretty well say that I’m ready for Summer. I just want to have some free time where I can read a book that I just want to read for fun, or relax and watch a movie without stressing over homework. But I also don’t want my Summer to fly by and all I do is sleep and spend time in my room. So here is a list of things that I hope I can do this Summer.

Go to the beach

Is it really Summer if you didn’t go to the beach? I love spending my Summers on the coast. There is nothing like catching some rays and swimming in the ocean all day.

Buy fireworks for the 4th of July

Every year I always tell myself I’ll buy some fireworks for the 4th of July holiday, but it never actually happens. I’m going to make it my number one priority for this Summer.

Take a road trip

Just like with the fireworks, I always say I’m going to go on a road trip every Summer, and that doesn’t happen either. I will make this my second priority for the Summer.


I’m so tired of being stressed out 24/7, so I’m definitely going to make a lot of time for sleep this Summer. Also, I want to spend this time to focus on myself and my well being, not so much about a research paper.

Well, I have had a great time in this class this past semester! I hope you all have a great Summer!


How To Survive Finals Week


The dreaded finals week is approaching us quickly. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sort of freaking out. I have taken procrastination to a new level. So, not only is this blog post advice for my audience, it’s also advice that I should take as well.

Find a study group

I usually stay motivated to study when I am around other people. Finding people in your class that you can study with can benefit you both greatly. Just make sure you keep on task!

Stay away from social media

I always end up taking little breaks while I’m studying, and then around 30 minutes later I realize I have been looking at Instagram the entire time. Try to stay away from social media platforms so you won’t get too distracted.

Plan out your days

Planning out your schedule for the day really motivates you to finish everything you have planned for the day. Don’t load too much work on to your plate. Try to keep a balanced and equal schedule for the day.

Prioritize your time

I know it’s so hard to say no to hanging out with your friends, but education comes first. Of course, you can still hang out with your friends, but fit your school work in first.

Catch some z’s

Pulling all-nighters isn’t the best thing to do during finals week. A good eight hours of sleep will let your mind rest and be ready to take on the next day!

Easter DIYs

Easter is just around the corner, and I have never been so excited for good homemade food and chocolate bunnies in my life. I definitely think that Easter is an overlooked holiday. I mean who doesn’t love frantically searching for plastic eggs filled with candy? So, in order to get people more excited for this upcoming Easter, I have found a couple DIYs to spruce up your holiday!

Mason Jar Easter Baskets

Picture from Pinterest.com

To shake things up a bit, try making Easter baskets with mason jars. First, fill the mason jar 1/3 to 1/2 full with some type of candy that is egg-shaped. You can use peanut m&m’s, the speckled egg candy or even jelly beans would work. After that place a chocolate bunny inside the mason jar with the egg-shaped candy. That’s all there is to it! Now you can decorate your mason jar however you please! This idea really puts a different spin on the traditional Easter basket and makes it a bit more polished and interesting.

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Picture from Pinterest.com

This is a unique take on the ordinary Rice Krispie treat. Begin making the Rice Krispie treat just how you always would. Before you add the cereal to the mixture of butter and marshmallows add any color of food coloring. Add the cereal and then allow the mixture to cool for about five minutes. After that start molding the mixture into egg shapes. Here is a more in-depth recipe that you can follow!  

Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Picture from Pinterest.com

Easter wouldn’t be complete without some dyed Easter eggs. Cool whip Easter eggs are a great activity for kids to do and gives a twist on the regular dyed Easter eggs you see every year. Put a good amount of cool whip on a plate and add various colors of food coloring (neon food coloring is the best choice) all over the cool whip (make it random and messy). Starting rolling your eggs in the cool whip and food dye. After covering your eggs in the mixture place them in the fridge for 30 minutes. After that just rinse them off and dry them and lets the Easter egg hunts begin! Here is a more detailed description of the process!


Life is rushing by us. It seems as though 5 years can go by in a blink of an eye. As I move on to new chapters in my life I find myself continually having to say goodbye to friends and hello to strangers. I don’t take enough time to sit back and really enjoy the people I meet in this life. Lately, I have been feeling very rushed and stressed out. I don’t think I give the people in my life the praise that they deserve. I have had many friends in my lifetime but only a few real friends that I would trust with my life. As I look back on these people, I have had to let a lot of them go. Not because I wanted to, but life seems to drift people apart. Before I have to say goodbye to the wonderful people in my life that I’m lucky to call friends I want to dedicate this blog post to them. I guess this is sort of going to be an open letter to my friends, but I still hope you all enjoy this post.



Thanks for being the college best friend that I always dreamed that I would have. You are one of the most caring, loving, and genuinely nice person I have ever met. I have only known you for about a year, but I know for sure that I will always think of you as one of my best friends.



You’ve been there since day one. And when I mean day one, I really mean it. You have been, and continue to be, an amazing role model for me. You mean the world to me, and I’m not sure where I would be without you. I can only hope that I turn out as successful as you. I wish you all the luck in the world!



You have touched my soul deeply. I wish I could make up for all of the bad things that have happened to you. I know this life is tough and unfair, but you have become a wise and just woman. You will do great things in this life. I believe in you.





One of my favorite hobbies every since middle school has been journaling. Being able to keep something so personal and unique has always appealed to me. I guess what I like about journaling the most is that I can write and draw whatever I like, and no one has to read it! Keeping a journal has definitely allowed me to get out frustration, anger, happiness, loneliness, etc. I know for most people it can be a challenge to start a journal so I thought I would share some tips on how to start you journaling journey!

First, find a journal!

download (3)

To start the journaling process you must of course find a journal. When looking for a journal seek a good quality one that will last you. I tend to look for journals that have interesting covers and pages that are blank. Some people prefer minimalistic covers and pages with lines. It’s all about your personal preference.

Pens, pens, and more pens

stabilo 68 Pens.jpg

You know how buying school supplies makes you feel more motivated, well this relates to journaling. Buying colorful pens can get your creative juices flowing and motivates you to write and draw in your journal. Get creative and make something awesome!

Just keep writing

download (4)

When I was a junior in high school my English teacher made us write in our notebooks for 10 minutes straight every day. Yes, you will get hand cramps, but this method helps you get better at your writing skills. Just write whatever you want! It doesn’t have to make sense. Just don’t put that pen down!

Save your memories


I love saving movie tickets, photos, notes in my journal. It’s nice just to keep a piece of those precious moments with you. When you’re old and wrinkly looking back in your journal you will be able to reminisce those moments. You can even write down your favorite quotes or lyrics at the time! When you look back on it you’ll really see how much you have changed!

Plan out your week


Journals don’t have to be strictly about writing down your thoughts and feelings. If you are needing some planning and organization in your life I suggest planning out your week in your journal! This keeps you motivated to check things off your to do list and to stay on track!

I hope you guys enjoyed my journaling tips! Journaling has helped me get through so much in my life! If you have any other journaling tips leave them in the comment section below! Have a great week guys and happy journaling!


Spring Essentials

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Monday (because mine was super rough)! Today marks the first day of spring, and since my last blog post was my winter favorites I thought I would share with you my spring favorites. Spring is not my favorite season, but I’m definitely ready for some warm weather! So, without further to do here are my spring essentials!

Rain Jacket 


Rain jackets are a must in the spring time! Spring showers pop up all over east Tennessee, and there is nothing worse than walking to class without a rain jacket or umbrella. So invest in a nice rain jacket to get you through the April showers!

Allergy Medicine

download (2)

This might not be an essential for some of you but it definitely is for me! The main reason why spring isn’t my favorite season is because it’s allergy season. With all of the trees and flowers blooming it can really hit me hard and leave me feeling miserable! Allegra is my savior so if you are struggling with allergies this spring hit up a CVS.



Is it really spring if you aren’t wearing Chacos? After an entire winter of hibernating in my dorm room I like to slip on my Chacos and head out on a hike! Enjoy the upcoming warm weather!



Spring time means longer days, so pull out your favorite pair of sunnies! Invest in a nice pair of sunglasses that will last you a while and that will go with any outfit! Also, buy a case to put them in! I always end up throwing my sunglasses in my bag and they get scratched up!

Those are all of my spring favorites for this post! If you have any spring favorites that you would like to share comment below! Thanks for checking out my post! Talk to you guys soon!


Winter Favorites

When I think of March I start to envision spring. Not so much this March. Actually, I was thinking more about spring in February! All I know is that I am ready for winter to be done and over with. Winter is definitely my least favorite season and I sort of go into survival mode during that part of the year. I always end up sick, with dry skin, and looking as pale as a ghost. I’m not even a huge fan of spring, but I’ll take it over winter any day. Okay, well enough of me rambling about my hatred for winter, here are my favorite products and items for the winter season!

Lip Medex


I am not joking when I say that this is my favorite chapstick hands down. This little blue pot of magic has saved my chapped lips more than once. Super cheap, super small and easy to carry around, it’s the best.



If you know me, chances are you have seen me wearing a scarf. I love scarves. I think they are a super easy way to keep yourself warm but also looked dressed up. I buy a lot of neutral colored scarves so I can throw them on in the morning and I’m out the door.



Is it really winter if I’m not seen wearing leggings? To me, leggings are the only good thing about winter. I love leggings if you couldn’t already tell. They are so comfy and easy to wear. They go with almost anything and they are like $15. Buy them. Wear them. And love them.

Electric Blanket


This is what love and happiness looks like. Electric blankets are truly a gift sent from the heavens. They will keep you warm and toasty in your bed, and most of them have a timer on them so they will turn off after a few hours so they won’t burn your house down. 10/10 you need it in your life.

Those are all of the winter favorites I have for today! I probably will make another post with more winter favorites in the near future! Have a great day guys, and we will talk soon!


Taking On D.C.

Hello, everyone! I hope all of you had a great spring break! It’s time to get back into the swing of things and finish this semester off strong! Over the break I visited the nation’s capitol with a few friends. I’ve visited D.C. once before and let’s just say that Washington is like Johnson City, but 20 times bigger and on steroids. I know I’m definitely not used to being pushed around everywhere I go and all the hustle and bustle that comes with living in a big city. I thought I would provide some helpful tips on how to survive in Washington D.C. for anyone thinking about visiting the capitol! Enjoy!

Buy a Metro Card


If you are visiting D.C. chances are you will be spending a majority of your time sitting on the metro. Booking a hotel in D.C. can be expensive so to save money find a hotel just outside the city (we stayed in Springfield, Virginia). Driving and parking in D.C. is also a nightmare. You are better off putting $15 on a metro card and taking it into the city.

Bring Hand Sanitizer 

download (1)

Riding on the metro also means you are going to encounter a lot of people being packed together. Running around D.C. and visiting areas with heavy foot traffic probably means that plenty of people have coughed, sneezed, or God knows what on the surface that you are touching. Who has time to find a bathroom to wash your hands when you are trying to eat delicious street food? Carry hand sanitizer for an easy way to clean your hands!

Bundle Up

Smiling through the freezing wind

At this time of the year D.C. is still experiencing that weird weather that consists pf 68 degree days and then 20 degree days. Most of our trip there consisted of 20 degree days (lucky us). All I can say is that I underestimated how cold it would actually be. So be prepared!

Bring Good Shoes and Walk Fast


People is D.C. are trying to get to point A to point B in as little time as possible, so move out of their way. For real, people in that city do not care to run you over, besides they probably are running late to their press conference or something. And you will be walking a lot. I mean A LOT. SO bring comfy shoes that you know will do you good.

Download the D.C. Metro App


This app is a lifesaver. Need to know which color line to take? How long will it take to get from the Pentagon to the Smithsonian? Will your train be on time? This app will answer every question that you have.